Sunday, April 13, 2014

addicted to negative emotions?!

I remember reading something according to which negative emotions, as a whole, can be addictive, probably on a chemical level.  Apparently many therapists are agreeing and it seems to be the general consensus.  All the new age woo woo stuff aside, is that true? 

Thanks for tickling my brain!

Human beings generate all kinds of theories based on correlations instead of explanations!  The "addictive to negative emotions" theory may be one of those theories. 

I think that we can get addicted because of negative emotions but not TO them.  Think about it: how addictive would getting an electrical shock be? Smelling shit?  Getting screamed at?  Or ignored?  We may get addicted to what happens right after the negative emotion, like relief, a rush of warmth, silence, connection, etc...  Endorphins?  This might also explain why some people like to jog :)  As one runner friend of mine put it once: I am addicted to jogging because stopping feels so bloody good!
Negative emotions might get paired with positive ones, but that is another thing.  This might be the case in masochism.  Or it might be the case that someone needs to hurt in order to feel anything at all :( 


  1. Great reading! Youre right, negative compulses can get the best of us at times, but its always better to remain optimistic and let go of all those things. Here are some tips on ways to attract good energy to not let the stress gather inside.

  2. One gets addicted to negative emotions because it becomes part of our IDENTITY: being angry about something/someone for a long time hardens into a personality pattern. Same with self-pity, feelings of worthlessness etc.

    1. Yes negative emotions can become part of our identity. Fortunately, we need not be reduced to them.