Tuesday, September 13, 2016

trying to get through

I am so tired of trying to get through to my husband.  I cannot seem to find the right words.  He wants to spend all his free time with his family and this really infuriates me. 
How do I help him understand why I feel that way?  Why do I feel so insecure?

Once you have shared your feelings, it is not for you to get through to your husband.  It is for him to reach out and get you.  
You should not have to convince him of your feelings.  He should try to understand them.
You should not have to fight to be #1.  He should be trying to make you feel that way.  
You should not have to listen to how he feels divided between you and other obligations.  He should be reassuring you that you are more important than any of them.
Nobody should have to listen to how their partner feels divided between their love for you and other obligations, whether family, work, play or friends....  

We all have obligations.  But it is our responsibility to attend to them without making our loved ones feel like it is their problem.

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